Book Exchange Affair - GHANA

The Book Exchange Affair is a flagship event of Readers Truss and it is simply exchanging a book for a book. This event brings authors and book lovers together to swap books, network, share ideas, hold discussions and recommend books.The event opens with bookish games to help attendees get acquainted with each other. Winners of the games are awarded with books in the course of the program. Over the past three years, we have successfully organized 15 of such events and it has become a highly anticipated event every year. We partner with book vendors who on agreement, sells book at ridiculously reduced prices and also donate books to our cause.

Book Exchange Affair AFRICAN EDITION

Having realized the difficulty in assessing books authored by Africans in other African countries, we decided to take the Book Exchange Affair to Lusaka in 2017 and 2018. Our goal has always been to exchange culture through literary works. To spread the works of African writers across Africa. To learn from our diverse experiences, ideas and stories in building a new united Africa. And also donate books to a library in the host country.

In 2019, we were hosted by Community Connect and we had the Book Exchange Affair in Kisumu Kenya. We donated books to the Read Across Africa Library where the event was held.